Arizona Seatbelt Laws and Personal Injury Claims (Part Three)

Some people argue that wearing a seatbelt should be a choice. In other words, it should be left to each individual to decide if he or she will suffer a serious injury or avoid one. As Arizona personal injury attorneys, we have helped many people who’ve sustained severe injuries in auto accidents. Likewise we have helped the families of loved ones who have been lost in car crashes, too. More often than not, those serious injuries or tragic deaths could have been prevented if a seatbelt had been worn. Consider the people you love when you make the decision not to wear a seatbelt. Consider your financial interests, if is a significant motivating factor for you.

Here’s why. Wearing a seatbelt will allow you to receive full compensation if somebody else causes you a serious injury. In Arizona, even if somebody admits to being completely at fault for an accident—even if that person further admits that their negligence caused a debilitating injury to another driver– the at fault driver can be released from responsibility without paying a dime if they show that a seatbelt would have decreased or eliminated the injury. The at fault driver – even when he has admitted fault– is not responsible for any of the medical bills, lost wages, or other compensable claims.

Second, consider the medical costs associated with injuries stemming from an auto accident. According to reports, over half of all bankruptcies in America are the result of medical expenses. Even if you don’t care about your health, think about your finances. Not wearing a seatbelt is much more likely to lead to the kinds of mounting medical bills that could force you into bankruptcy.

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