Compensation for Medical Bills after a Car Accident in Chandler, AZ

Health insurance is normally the first line of defense for any personal injury victim, as it will almost always afford the injured person with the best possible care and usually eliminates delays in treatment as well. There are three possibilities as to what the law will allow in such cases. The law could dictate in some personal injury cases that the health insurance company does not have to pay anything for an automobile accident or the medical expenses resulting from the accident, though this situation rarely occurs.

As Arizona injury personal lawyers, we know that another possibility under the law would be that the insurance for the person who caused the accident would not be responsible for medical bills if the injured person has health insurance. The law does not normally allow this, however, as this would reward the liable party’s insurance company, and the law does not provide for this sort of benefit for the liable party or insurance company.

The third possible outcome, and this is the usual course of the law in most cases, is that having two different insurance companies required to cover medical bills benefits the person injured in the accident, who made sure that they were properly covered in the first place. This brings up what is known as the “collateral source rule”, which means the liable party’s insurance company will have to cover all reasonable medical expenses incurred as the result of the car accident.

The injured party’s health insurance must also cover these same medical expenses. As doctors and other medical practitioners do not get paid twice for their services, the extra funds often go directly to the injured party.

Ensuring that everyone gets paid properly and that all insurance contracts and laws are followed can be a complex task. That is why hiring a top Chandler car accident injury attorney is so important. It helps guarantee that the injured person gets the best medical care possible while also making certain that he or she is fully compensated for injuries suffered due to another person’s negligence. For more information regarding how a skilled lawyer can help you, please contact Breyer Law Offices, P.C. today for a no-obligation, free consultation.

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