Driving and Texting or Talking on Cell is a Form of Negligence

Many people cause Chandler car accidents by talking on their cell phones while driving. Sending text messages while driving also greatly increases the risk of an accident that will result in serious injuries to others. This is one of the more obvious forms of negligence, but not paying attention to the road while driving can and does lead to tragic consequences. It is important to pay attention to the road while driving, as distractions too often lead to accidents that result in serious injuries or even death.

Too many times people who have suffered a serious injury in a Chandler car crash suspect that the other driver was talking on his or her cell phone at the time and was therefore not paying attention to the road. The injured person may suspect or even have specific evidence that the driver was sending text messages at the time of the accident. In cases like these where negligence seems clearly apparent, some people may wonder whether it is important to hire a Chandler personal injury lawyer when involved in a car accident where the other driver was not paying attention to the road, either because he or she was sending text messages or talking on the cell phone. There are a number of complexities involved in filing a personal injury claim, so in most cases it is usually best to have a qualified personal injury attorney on your side.

Not every Chandler or Arizona car accident requires the services of a personal injury attorney. While it is always advisable to initially consult with an Arizona personal injury and car accident lawyer after a car accident, it is not necessary to hire one to move the case forward. Not every car accident leads to a valid claim, and not every valid claim is in the best interests of the person who was injured. Sometimes people just want an honest answer to their questions so that they can make the best decision for them.

Consulting with the best Phoenix personal injury lawyer you can find does not necessarily mean that you want to file a lawsuit or make an insurance claim. It is always best to know what your options are, and at Breyer Law, we are always willing to answer questions truthfully about your particular situation. Please contact us today for a free, no-obligation evaluation of your case.

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