How Chandler Auto Accident Victims Can Protect Themselves from Insurance Companies

Putting trust in an insurance company can be dangerous. Many people who are injured in an Arizona car accident believe that if they tell the truth, that they will have nothing about which to worry, and that the truth will prevent insurance companies from taking advantage of them. The problem with this way of thinking is that the insurance company will not always be honest when recanting what was told to them, nor will the liable party always be honest about what happened to cause the accident.

We do not want to suggest that all insurance companies are dishonest, but as experienced personal Arizona injury lawyers that have helped a number of Chandler accident victims, we must assume that every insurance company involved in any car accident case will try to take advantage of our clients. Insurance companies are in the insurance business to make a profit, and it is for this reason why they attempt to settle for as little as possible.

The truth is that an insurance company, even an injured party’s own insurance company, does not prioritize fairness when they analyze a personal injury claim. The reality is that they are much more concerned with the company’s bottom line.

Adjusters do not get promoted because they pay out more money for a personal injury claim. If an insurance company can pay less than what an injured party deserves, this will ultimately increase the company’s profit. As experienced attorneys, we understand that insurance companies will not attempt to fairly evaluate any car accident case, but rather look at ways in which they can minimize the amount they will have to pay out.

Taking this rational a step further, we also know as experienced Chandler car accident lawyers that there are dishonest people who work for insurance companies. Dishonest employees will often attempt to offer compensation lower than what is due an injured party, or even deny that compensation is due at all. If an insurance company employee’s dishonesty can help increase his or her company’s profits and perhaps further that person’s career, then even speaking to such a person can hurt a Chandler car accident claim. That is why it is best in such cases to have the best Arizona car accident lawyer you can find on your side. Please contact Breyer Law Offices, P.C. today for a free, no-obligation consultation of your car accident case.

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