Insurance Companies Denying Fair Settlements to Motorcycle Accident Victims

Those who have been injured in a motorcycle accident may be wondering how an insurance company would deny them the fair settlement that they deserve. Obviously, the at-fault driver and his or her insurance company will likely do everything possible to deny payment. Many of the ploys used to cheat motorcycle victims are the same as those used to deceive car accident victims. However, there are also unique tricks that are sometimes used to deny fair settlement to motorcycle accident victims. This is one reason why hiring an experienced Arizona personal injury lawyer to advise victims after a serious motor cycle accident is critically important.

The list of ways an insurance provider will try to deny fair payment is too long to detail here. However, a couple of common issues frequently arise. First, everyone who rides a motorcycle in Arizona knows that there is no state helmet law for those over the age of 18. This means it is legal to cycle anywhere in the state of Arizona without a helmet. But did you know that there is also a law that allows the insurer of a driver who causes an accident to deny payment based upon a motorcyclist’s failure to wear a helmet?

In other words, the Arizona laws actually trick motorcycle riders on the topic of helmets. Yes, they are allowed to legally ride without a helmet. Yet if they fail to wear one, they can suffer serious injury in an accident while not wearing a helmet, and this fact can be cited by the insurance company to reduce payment. This is allowed even when all parties involved agree that the person who was driving the car was at fault.

Insurance companies try to trick motorcyclists into believing that they have no defense against this type of tactic. But in reality it is incumbent upon the person who is trying to deny payment to the injured person to prove their case. Hiring competent experts, reviewing the facts in detail, and retaining an experienced Peoria motorcycle accident attorney can combine to prevent this slippery brand of argument from denying a victim fair compensation after they’ve been injured in a motorcycle collision.

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