Seeking Compensation as a Chandler Auto Accident Victim

A personal injury victim is entitled to compensation for all damages they suffered as the result of the negligence of the other party under Arizona personal injury law. This may include wage loss, future income, medical expenses, future medical bills, pain, suffering, loss of life’s enjoyment, anxiety, an inability to do normal life activities, and every other aspect of a personal injury victim’s life that was affected due to the liable party’s negligence.

The type of injury can help identify the value of a case. Someone injured in a Chandler car accident who has torn her rotator cuff and is unable to lift her arm will almost always be awarded more than someone with a less serious injury. Someone who sustained a serious brain injury in a Maricopa County car wreck, making him unable to return to work, is entitled to far more compensation under Arizona law than someone with a minor bruise to his forehead.

Each case stands alone. We have heard about other Arizona personal injury lawyers who tell their Chandler injury clients the value of their case when they first speak to the injured party. We feel this is wrong. No one can honestly tell someone what any personal injury case may be worth without careful investigation of all aspects of the case. Any attempt to say what any Arizona car accident case is worth without an evaluation of the medical costs and other expenses involved is merely guesswork. Sometimes, however, it may even be part of a law firm’s sales tactic.

As responsible Arizona personal injury lawyers, Breyer Law is committed to honesty towards our clients and potential clients. Any lawyer can tell a personal injury victim in Chandler, Arizona what they wish to hear: that their Chandler car accident case is worth a lot of money. From our experience as Chandler car accident attorneys, we feel our clients deserve to know both the strengths and weaknesses of their personal injury cases. Injury victims should know that no two personal injury cases are exactly alike, and that evidence for their claim will have to be gathered before a value for any settlement can be agreed upon. For more information regarding the specifics of your particular case, please feel free to contact us at Breyer Law for a free consultation.

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