Uninsured Motorist Claims for Peoria Auto Accidents

An uninsured claim can be made when a person who is judged to be at fault for an auto accident had absolutely no insurance at the time the accident occurred. In these cases, the other driver’s insurance policy may cover what the at-fault driver’s policy should have covered.

In other words, let’s say you or somebody you love was seriously hurt as a result of a car accident in Peoria, Arizona that was caused by somebody else. Most Peoria personal injury lawyers would agree that the person who caused the accident should logically have to pay for medical bills, wage loss, pain, frustration stemming from the accident, as well as all other legally compensable rights that can be exercised as a result of the injury. However, let’s assume in this example that the person who caused the accident did not bother to get car insurance. Because that person hasn’t fulfilled his or her legal responsibility by taking out an insurance policy, not only have they caused a serious injury they don’t even have an insurance policy against which the injured party can make a claim. Does this mean the wronged motorist is completely out of luck?

Not always. If that motorist has uninsured motorist coverage, a Peoria, Arizona car accident victim may well have a means to be compensated– just as they would if the person at fault had insurance coverage on the day of the incident.

Contacting the best Peoria, Arizona car accident lawyer you can find will not only help in terms of setting the value of your case, but it will help you find out if there is insurance coverage available you may not have known about. Contact a skilled Arizona personal injury attorney at Breyer Law Offices, P.C. to learn more about how you can obtain compensation for your injuries.

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