Can I Settle My AZ Personal Injury Case and Get Money Later for Medical Bills and Lost Wages incurred after I Settle?

The answer to this question is almost always no. A settlement is a one time thing in nearly every Arizona personal injury case. The insurance company has an obligation to the people it insures, and someone who causes a serious accident that results in an injury does not want to get sued by the same person for the same accident. They want their insurance company to make sure that it pays all the money that is owed to the injured party so that there is no recourse against them later.

Consider this, if you were in an accident that you caused and had insurance to protect against such an eventuality, you would expect your insurance company to do everything possible so that you would be protected. You would not want to owe anything more to the injured party, as you would expect your insurance to take care of it, as that is what insurance does. It would not make sense if the insurance company paid out the injured party everything they wanted and then left you in a position in which you could still be sued for more money. In such a case, you would have a very valid disagreement with the insurance company, as the insurance company would not be doing the job for which you paid it. Insurance in cases like these is to protect a negligent party from financial loss.

Coming back to the injury victim, you would expect that the negligent party’s insurance company would do everything possible to ensure that any monetary settlement would be paid only on condition that they would not be responsible for further damages related to the injury. An insurance company, in order to protect its profits, will make sure you sign a release stating that the injured party will get no more money in the future.

The information provided here, although helpful, is really only a fraction of what an injured victim needs to know about insurance claims after an auto accident and what amount of compensation he or she may be able to receive. To learn more about your particular situation, please contact the skilled personal Chandler injury lawyers at Breyer Law Offices, P.C. We can help answer any questions that you may have.

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