How Do the Arizona Rules of Civil Procedure Affect Chandler Auto Accident Cases?

There are a number of laws and court rules that affect Arizona personal injury cases and which impact on everything that must be done in order to file a Chandler car accident claim. As experienced Chandler car accident attorneys, we do understand that the priority after any serious vehicle accident lies with the person who was injured. There are certainly much more urgent concerns than dealing with the mundane legal issues immediately after a Chandler car accident that results in a wrongful death.

Yet the reality in any Arizona civil suit filed in a Maricopa County court is that these cases are governed by the Arizona Rules of Civil Procedure. These guidelines on civil procedure dictate how complaints must be filed, how they should be served, to whom the complaint ought to be served, what information must be supplied by defendants and insurance companies, what information injured parties are supposed to provide to the defense, etc.

Hiring a lawyer who claims to be a top Chandler personal injury lawyer, but who then does not take cases to court is risky. It is important that personal injury victims in Chandler car accident cases have someone on their side that is a capable trial lawyer, and who knows the Arizona Rules of Civil Procedure. This is important during every stage of the filing process. Though a settlement can occur without a lawsuit being filed, there is no guarantee this will happen. If a Chandler car accident case goes to court, it will almost always benefit the injury victim to have an injury trial lawyer who knows the legal rules of civil procedure in Arizona. At Breyer Law Offices, P.C. our experienced personal injury Arizona attorneys have the legal skill and knowledge to take your case to trial if necessary and if fitting for your particular situation. Please contact us today to have your questions answered and to learn more about your legal rights and options.

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