Making Sure Medical Expenses are Compensated after a Car Accident in Chandler

While insurance issues and making sure that medical expenses are covered may not be the first thing on an auto accident victim’s mind, these issues inevitably come up. However, this is why underinsured motorist coverage can be beneficial for motorists to have.

What happens if the people responsible for causing the auto accident you are involved in does not have auto insurance? One option to consider is underinsured motorist coverage claims. Either an injured person’s own policy or that of a family member can begin helping to pay medical expenses and other costs related to the accident once the negligent party’s insurance has run out. Medical expenses, lost wages, pain, suffering, and anything else for which an injured party can legally collect damages related to the accident should be covered. ‘

So if a person caused an accident that resulted in $80,000 in medical bills alone, and the responsible party only had $100,000 of insurance, then the person’s policy would be nearly exhausted through the claims for the medical expenses alone. It would be imperative in a case such as this to investigate whether an underinsured motorist policy would apply.

If an injured party’s policy provides coverage, a claim can be made against what should have been paid out by the negligent driver’s insurance policy when the responsible party does not have sufficient insurance to cover all damages related to the accident. The amounts would obviously differ in each case, but in all cases in which underinsured motorist coverage would apply, the medical expenses, lost income, and other relevant damages can be claimed in this manner. Having such insurance coverage against someone who is uninsured or underinsured can protect injured parties and allow them to claim full and fair damages for their injuries.

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