Not Wearing a Seatbelt May Impose Serious Consequences beyond Physical Injury

When you wear a seatbelt, this will allow you to receive full compensation in the event someone causes a serious injury to you in an auto accident in which you were not at fault. In Arizona, even if someone admits they were completely at fault for an accident, and that person admits that his or her negligence caused the accident, this negligent driver can get away with paying nothing or next to nothing.

As personal injury lawyers in Arizona, we know that if the negligent party’s defense can show that the injured person would have eliminated or decreased the possibility of injury by wearing a seatbelt, this could definitely happen in an Arizona courtroom. The degree to which the seatbelt would have prevented injury will lessen any compensation the injured party gets, even if the liable driver admits fault. In Arizona, the injured party would then get stuck with medical expenses, as well as losing out on lost income and other compensable claims for damages.

Consider too the medical expenses that are often associated with the injuries that result from a serious accident in which no seatbelt was worn. It has been reported that over half of all bankruptcies in the United States come about as a result of medical bills. So if you do not care about your physical health when it comes to wearing seatbelts, think about your financial health.

When you do not wear your seatbelt, you are much more likely to incur high medical bills that you will be unable to pay and which very well may drive you into bankruptcy. Arizona law encourages people to wear their seatbelts not only through ticketing people and fining them for not wearing a seatbelt, but also by allowing personal injury claims to be jeopardized by through not wearing one.

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