Should I Sign the Paperwork the Insurance Company Sent Me after a Car Accident?

As a victim of a personal injury, the insurance company will not be on your side. It is not their job to be on your side and, in fact, the insurance company has an obligation to not be on the side of any personal injury victim. This stems from the fact that most insurance companies are publicly traded, and are obligated to make a profit for their shareholders. Paying out huge settlements does not help an insurance company’s profit margin, so they will try to do everything possible to keep from paying out large sums.

Any documentation you get from an insurance company after a Chandler car accident is almost certainly not for the benefit of you as a personal injury victim nor will these forms protect your personal injury claim. Now, this does not mean the insurance company is diabolical, and neither does it mean that the documents cannot be filled out at some point. Yet because the insurance company will not be on your side, any documents you get from them should be looked at by a top Chandler car accident attorney. Not consulting with a Chandler personal injury lawyer before filling out such forms can be a big mistake.

The personal injury lawyers at Breyer Law Offices have probably reviewed documents from almost every insurance company that writes automobile accident insurance in Arizona. As such, we know the difference between questions that are legitimate and those that could cause problems later in the case. Perhaps more importantly, we know which documents you need to sign and those which you are not required to sign.

As a personal injury victim, you should protect your rights. The insurance company will do everything possible with a personal injury claim in order to increase the company’s profits. You should do the same after any Chandler car accident, and finding the best Arizona personal injury lawyer for you is a good way to protect your rights. A lawyer who is well-trained in personal injury litigation will help to protect your rights.

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