Tucson Motorcycle Accident and Brain Injury Lawyers

With its scenic surroundings, appreciation for the arts, and its flourishing culture, the city of Tucson has experienced a tremendous progression to being the second largest city in Arizona. In fact, Tucson is the largest city in southern Arizona with an approximate population of 525,529. Tucson is situated in Pima County and had an estimated metropolitan area population of 1,023,320 in 2008. Many residents of Tucson own motorcycles and several out-of-town and out-of-state motorcyclists are drawn to the city throughout the year. However, as a consequence of dangerous road conditions, negligent and distracted driving practices, and even defective motorcycle and auto parts, Tucson motorcycle accidents take place far too often and create serious consequences for injury victims.

Whatever the cause of a motorcycle collision in Tucson, if a motorcyclist suffers any physical, emotional or financial strain due to another driver’s negligence, the injured person may be able to obtain compensation to help cover a wide range of expenses associated with their injuries and losses. An experienced Tucson motorcycle accident attorney may be able to help an injured motorcyclist in their efforts with receiving monetary compensation for pain and suffering, medical bills, physical therapy, loss of past and future wages, and property damage.

Brain injury is a common and tragic consequence of motorcycle crashes. Even when a motorcyclist wears a helmet, he or she is at risk of suffering a traumatic brain injury (TBI) in the event of an accident. Some factors that may influence the severity of a motorcyclist’s injuries include the rate of speed at which the motorcycle and the vehicle(s) involved were traveling, whether or not a motorcyclist was wearing an adequate and properly secured helmet, whether or not protective gear was being worn, surrounding road conditions, and how a motorcyclist falls or lands. Treatment for brain injuries may last for years and even require a person to receive 24-hour care for the rest of their life. If a brain injury is brought about by another person’s negligence, an injured person may file a personal injury claim against negligent parties.

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