What is Comparative Fault in a Chandler Slip-and-Fall Accident Case?

Arizona is what is known as a comparative fault state. This means that everybody who caused the accident shares responsibility for it. It is for this reason that you will often see cases in Arizona courtrooms in which the property owner either caused a dangerous condition or allowed it to exist and, because of this condition an injury resulted – yet the defense will then argue that the injured person should have been more careful and that this lack of care caused the injury.

It is at this point that we get into the issue of comparative fault. The property owner who knew about the dangerous condition, or who may have even created it, may be legally responsible for the majority of the damages while the person’s lack of care contributed in only a small way to the person’s injuries.

A percentage of the fault is doled out to the responsible parties. The person who fell may be responsible for 20 percent while the property owner may be found to be 80 percent responsible. In a case such as this, the injured person would receive 20 percent less.

It is for this reason why engaging the best possible Chandler slip-and-fall lawyer is so important in cases such as these. You can expect that in nearly every such case the negligent party will blame the injured person, even when the injured party did not contribute to the accident. In slip-and-fall or trip-and-fall accidents, the defendant will almost always argue that the injured person should have looked where he or she was going, or something along these lines.

The experienced Arizona slip-and-fall attorneys at Breyer Law Offices, P.C. will do everything possible to keep the blame on the negligent property owner. Should even 10 percent of the fault be attributed to a seriously injured trip-and-fall victim, this will significantly impact on the amount of compensation he or she will receive. Call our skilled lawyers today at 480-753-4534 for a free evaluation and no-cost consultation of your potential case.

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