Are There Occasions When an Auto Accident Attorney Can Fire a Client?

Most often, people looking for a topnotch car accident attorney in Scottsdale think only about finding the best personal injury lawyer for them, which is what one ought to do when pursuing any personal injury claim. This is the only chance for an injured person to obtain justice, so finding a lawyer with the right personality type and attitude, a sense of justice for the injured person’s needs, and one with excellent credentials is imperative. Yet despite the focus on finding the best lawyer one can find, some may wonder whether personal injury lawyers will always work in the best interests of their clients, regardless of what may happen in an injury accident claim.

As veteran injury lawyers, we can speak from personal experience. Just as our clients struggle to overcome obstacles regarding their injuries, they also deserve someone who will fight for their rights in an accident injury claim. We are not afraid to take a personal injury claim to court, regardless of the odds against us. Some other personal injury lawyers may quit on their clients, but we feel justice is worth the fight. Besides which, whenever a personal injury lawyer drops a case or backs down from a fight, both the Arizona insurance company against which they were battling and the insurance industry as a whole see this. Insurance companies know which personal injury lawyers will fight and which ones will do anything they can to avoid a personal injury claim from going to trial.

Yet there are rare circumstances in which an accident injury lawyer can, and should, cease representation for a client. When a personal injury client has not told the truth to medical providers, police, or other witnesses regarding a personal injury claim or is otherwise dishonest, that person does not deserve to be represented by a top personal injury attorney. The best Arizona personal injury lawyers stay with their clients from the beginning to the end, no matter what happens. Yet those who do not have legitimate claims and try to work the system should not be represented, and personal injury lawyers who discover this is the case have every right to quit representing such a client.

In our experience, however, we have found such personal injury cases where people try to play the system are rare. People who have been seriously injured due to no fault of their own are for the most part honest and straightforward about their claims and the manner in which they were injured, and thus deserving of the best possible personal injury lawyer they can find to stand by them.

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