Arizona Personal Injury Lawyer Encourages Injured Claimants to Use a Diary

“If it isn’t written, it didn’t happen.” Every personal injury claimant should consider this statement. We often use it in our office. The statement, at its root, is of course not true, as many things occur that were not written down. We also know that many other things that are written were written down inaccurately.

It is an unfortunate truth that Arizona personal injury cases are not based on the truth. They are instead based on facts, but are rather decided upon evidence. Evidence is not necessarily accurate, and it may not even reflect what actually happened.

For this reason, anybody that considers filing a personal injury claim should also seriously consider keeping a diary, though it is best to speak with an experienced Arizona personal injury attorney to guide you in this decision. There are definite risks in keeping a diary. They need to be kept accurately and consistently, including certain types of things that a personal injury lawyer may wish to deal with in trial. Yet there may also be advantages to not keeping a diary.

As experienced personal injury attorneys, however, we know how powerful documented evidence can be when a plaintiff is asked about all the ways in which their injury affected their life. Jurors in a personal injury case who hear about the difficulties arising from a particular injury are more likely to be affected by such testimony.

As with any other matter that relates to serious personal injury claims, it is most important to find a top Phoenix personal injury attorney who can offer advice on whether keeping a diary is a good idea with your particular personal injury case. Speaking with a good personal injury lawyer will also help you avoid someone turning the diary against you by twisting your words.

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