Can a Scottsdale, Arizona Insurance Claim Lawyer Help Me?

Those who have suffered serious personal injury or who have lost a loved one in a wrongful death will often try to make the insurance claim on their own. Far too often, people believe that the insurance company will deal honestly and fairly with them if they make a claim. However, it is important for people to understand both the risks and benefits of making an injury claim against an insurance company without the help of a lawyer.

Not every injury victim that wants to make an insurance claim against a negligent driver needs to hire a personal injury lawyer. We expect that the best Scottsdale personal injury lawyers will always be honest with people and explain to them that there is no law requiring that an attorney help them in making an insurance claim.

Making an insurance claim can some times be as easy as notifying the insurance company of an accident, providing them with the information, and providing them with the details of the injuries or damages that were suffered. After that, a settlement may be obtained.

However, not all settlements are equal. More importantly, settlements almost always include a “release” forwarded by the insurance company. In other words, insurance companies in Arizona personal injury cases will almost never made any payment unless you first sign a paper waiving your right to ever bring another claim. This means there is only one chance to make sure that full and fair settlement is obtained. For somebody who may have a risk of needing future medical care or have future lost wages, signing a release and absolving the insurance company of the negligent driver of any future responsibility without first making sure that they have covered all of their rights can be a very dangerous thing to do.

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