Discussing Accident Claims and Medical Records with an Experienced Arizona Personal Injury Attorney

My experience as a certified specialist in Arizona injury and wrongful death law has given me the opportunity to help a number of people who suffered a variety of serious injuries due to someone else’s negligence. The first thing that normally occurs after a serious injury is that the injury victim is taken to the hospital, often by ambulance, or in some cases via helicopter. Documentation in any personal injury claim thus begins right at the accident scene. First responders take note of any injuries or conditions that they observe. Personal injury victims are then further evaluated in the ambulance or helicopter by emergency medical technicians. Once the injured person arrives at the hospital, medical providers take more notes. Within the first forty five minutes after any very serious accident, having three sets of notes and observations of the personal injury victim is not unusual.

Beyond these initial observations, medical records and observations of the injury continue to be made. Medical providers always try to document fully and accurately medical conditions, yet sometimes they are recorded inaccurately. This can be due to a number of factors in any accident, but can include how busy the doctors are, communication problems between the injured person and medical personnel, inaccurate memories when recording notes, time lapse between when the doctor saw the injury victim, and a whole host of other factors.

It can be very difficult overcoming errors made in medical records, as people put a lot of faith in the written word and in medical charts. This is a good reason to have a personal injury attorney with experience at evaluating medical records. A good Phoenix personal injury lawyer will even have a doctor or nurse review a chart to ensure that the information on it is both accurate and favorable to their client. Too often, a mistake or miscommunication in medical records can wreck havoc in a personal injury case.

For any questions about what to do with medical records in a personal injury claim, please call us. We will provide you with honest insights as to how and why particular medical records may affect your potential personal injury case.

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