Do I Need a Lawyer to File a Personal Injury Claim?

According to Arizona law a personal injury lawyer is not required to bring a personal injury claim. Before filing a lawsuit, an insurance claim is normally the first stem towards trying to obtain fair compensation for any personal injury claim. Though filing an insurance claim can be down without a lawyer, it is not always the best idea. Sometimes it will work out just fine, but other times it will lead to disaster.

For people who have suffered minor injuries in an auto accident or other accident that was not their fault, hiring a lawyer may not be necessary. As experienced Phoenix personal injury attorneys, we believe that when an injury is not too serious it does not justify hiring a personal injury lawyer.

When injuries are permanent or very serious, or in cases where medical expenses and lost income result because of the injury, injury victims and their families should consider hiring a personal injury attorney. When an injury affects a person’s life forever, not hiring a personal injury lawyer can be a serious mistake. When people suffer great financial losses due to a permanent injuries or loss of loved ones because of an accident that was not their fault, not receiving financial compensation for these injuries only adds insult to injury.

There are also those personal injury claims that may or may not need a personal injury Scottsdale lawyer. There are claims that will not have life-altering effects in which people decide not to hire a personal injury attorney, or even to handle the personal injury claim on their own, though it will probably mean considerable financial consequences. Hiring the right personal injury lawyer for your claim should make life easier and increases the likelihood that an injured person will receive all the compensation to which the plaintiff is legally entitled. It will also reduce the chances that an injured person will lose rights to claim or get taken advantage of.

Usually it is best to sit down with an honest personal injury attorney to get feedback about your claim. After hearing about both the positives and negatives of a case, you can then make an informed decision about whether or not to move the personal injury claim forward by yourself or with the help of an experienced Arizona personal injury lawyer.

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