Do Not Talk to the Other Person’s Insurance Company Before Talking to an Experienced Personal Injury Attorney

As a specialist certified by the Arizona State Bar in personal injury and wrongful death litigation, I am surprised at how many people trust the insurance company for the driver that caused the accident, yet distrust a lawyer that they hire. More specifically, people often refuse to even consider hiring a personal injury attorney. Instead, many attempt to handle an accident injury case on their own, and end up speaking directly to the insurance company representing the person that caused the injury.

Now, I understand that I am an attorney that deals in Arizona personal injury law, and so realize my own bias when I write about trusting a personal injury lawyer before trusting the other side’s insurance company. Yet I also know that I help people who are hurt due to someone else’s negligence.

But the reason we bring this up is not to plug our Arizona personal injury firm, or even myself as a personal injury lawyer. Yes, we do pride our efforts in fighting for our clients. Further, we know that we deal in a straightforward manner with our clients and are always honest with them so that they know what lies ahead. But as experienced personal injury attorneys, we also know how to protect our clients from making mistakes that might jeopardize their claim. We understand that it is neither about our firm nor is it about our top notch personal injury lawyers, but about having experienced legal representation when speaking with an adverse insurance company about a personal injury claim. And the more serious the personal injury claim, the truer this is.

The insurance company for the party that caused an injury to you is not on your side. They are not supposed to be. Instead, their concern is for the shareholders, who are the owners of the insurance company, and they do everything they can to ensure a profit for the company. The money they save, however, comes at the expense of someone who has been seriously injured. That is why it is a mistake to think that an insurance company in any personal injury claim will be fair.

It is for these reasons that we encourage those who have a serious personal injury, auto accident claim, or any other personal injury claim to speak with an honest Scottsdale personal injury attorney before talking to the adverse insurance company. Insurance companies try to twist your words against you, and may even claim you said things that you did not say. An injured person’s interests are not the most important to any insurance company, even if the insurance company is not at all dishonest. They are not concerned about your rights, but about money.

If you have been injured in an accident that was not your fault, go to a good personal injury lawyer and get your questions answered. Only after speaking to an attorney that deals in personal injury law should you consider whether it makes sense to talk to the insurance company.

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