Drowning Accident Lawyers in Arizona

Those who operate public pools, and those who own pools, have certain safety regulations, codes, and laws they are required to follow for the safety of others. When these laws are not followed, and people drown – tragically and far too often children – there is an accountability that must be faced up to by the negligent party.

Certainly, it is easiest to simply blame the victim of drowning. But when a victim is child, can the child really be blamed? Also, many will raise the point that a lawsuit after a drowning accident will accomplish nothing. Well, that is highly questionable. First, if the lawsuit can serve as a deterrent to others and prevent them from negligently operating their pools, that in and of itself can save lives.

The publicity that comes from drowning verdicts can further be a deterrent and a reminder to pool operators and that can save lives. Moreover, for the family that has been torn apart by a drowning tragedy, having some measure of justice may accomplish something very real to allow that family to move on in whatever different way it is going to be able to move forward. Certainly nothing can undo the horrendous tragedy, but some justice may be of some well-deserved consolation to the surviving family members.

If you or anybody you know has questions about the legal process involved after a drowning or near drowning incident, please do not hesitate to give us a call at Breyer Law Offices, P.C. Our Arizona swimming pool accident attorneys will be happy to provide you the answers that you need so that you can decide whether it is, or is not, in the best interest of the family to move forward with litigation. However, you deserve honest answers before making that decision.

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