Types of Evidence I Need to Give to the Insurance Company after an Auto Accident: Part Two

In Part One of our discussion of the various forms of evidence you may need to provide to the insurance company after being in a car accident in Arizona, we emphasized the importance of getting pictures of the accident scene. The importance of doing this coincides with taking photographs of somebody who’s been seriously injured. We certainly understand how morbid this can sound. It can be very uncomfortable to take pictures of a loved one who has been seriously injured. Nobody wants to remember their loved one in that condition. It can be very difficult for the person who has been seriously injured to even look in a mirror at times, let alone have someone else take those photographs. However, what if those photographs were the difference between obtaining a life-changing and fair settlement offer and never receiving any compensation for the injury? Well, unfortunately very often that can be the case.

And of course, it is not just about photographs. There are experts who can measure skid marks and look at the debris field after an accident. There are experts who can collect evidence and documentation that can help put together or piece together who is at fault for a case. The top personal injury lawyers have experience in seeking out all the different types of documentation and other evidence that can help support a claim days, weeks, months, or even years after the fact.

Some evidence, like medical records and medical bills, do not simply disappear just because there is a long delay between the time of an injury and the time of trial. Other types of evidence may be lost if they’re not immediately obtained and secured by a personal injury lawyer.

It is not enough that somebody whose life has been devastated is telling the truth and they know that it was somebody else who caused their injury. It is only enough if that is the truth and that person has the evidence that can prove their claim. Therefore, if you have any questions whatsoever about the collection of evidence and what must be done in order to secure your case, please do not hesitate to give us a call. Immediately contact the best Scottsdale, Arizona personal injury lawyer that you can find in order to make sure that even if you are not going to pursue a legal case at this time, you do not lose the ability to do so should you chose to pursue one later.

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