Five Reasons to Not Hire a Top Personal Injury Attorney to Aid in an Insurance Claim after an Accident that Results in Injury

  1. Insurance companies always try to do what is fair and just, and are not just focused on profit or their bottom line.
  2. When their client is at fault, an insurance company will always admit it. They would never dream up ridiculous arguments to try to take the blame away from their negligent client, especially if the person injured was not at fault. An insurance company will, in fact, do an investigation so that the person injured by their client will be treated fairly, even if doing so involves admitting fault and accepting total responsibility.
  3. Insurance companies never would deny that the people they insure did not cause an injury when they were negligent in a car accident. Insurance companies are far too moral to blame pre-existing conditions to avoid paying your claim in full. And they certainly would never hire doctors who would try to deny that it was their client that caused an injury.
  4. An insurance company would never attempt to short change a payment to a person injured due to the negligence of someone they insure and, in fact, will always agree to settle amicably with the injured party for full and fair compensation. The insurance company will never make an injured person go to extreme lengths to prove how the injury affected his or her life, and will readily offer to pay every penny that is deserved in compensation.
  5. Insurance companies will admit exactly how much is available to pay a claim. An injured person never needs to worry that the insurance company will deny that other insurance policies exist that can also be claimed against. Insurance companies are very helpful, and will readily share information about other insurance policies the negligent party holds with them that are available to claim against.

Anyone who believes these five listed reasons are accurate does not need to ever hire an experienced personal injury lawyer in Phoenix. If, however, you realized the tongue in cheek nature of this commentary, you can imagine the direness of the situation when someone has been involved in an accident resulting in serious injury and then considers moving the claim forward. Insurance companies should not be allowed to take advantage when someone they insure has negligently harmed another person.

For an honest assessment of your claim from a personal injury attorney that does nothing but aid people who have been involved in serious accidents that result in injuries, we invite you to call us at Breyer Law. Even if you just need answers to basic questions to help you decide how to move forward, we will answer your questions accurately and in a straightforward manner so that you can decide whether to pursue your personal injury claim.

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