Florence Motorcycle Accident and Brain Injury Attorneys

The desert scenery that frames the city of Florence, Arizona, is one of the many attributes that draw residents and creative-thinkers to experience its wealth of culture and history. Florence is one of the oldest towns in the state and proudly stands as Arizona’s sixth oldest European town. Major Directors have traveled to film the region’s backdrop, notably its well-kept Main Street. Although the city roads are carefully maintained, with such a growing population, the unfortunate reality is that sometimes motorcycle accidents take place in which a motorcyclist may suffer brain injury or other afflictions.

The tally for motorcycle accident death has reached a national high of 85% of all traffic fatalities, not including the number of serious injuries that an approximate 50,000 people suffer each year. However, a motorcycle operator in Florence can take certain precautions against injury, such as wearing a helmet, properly riding the motorbike, or even paying careful attention while sharing the road. Nevertheless, far too often, a negligent driver, and not the motorcyclist, is responsible for a collision taking place, thus causing serious injury in many cases, or even death.

A critical injury that motorcyclists may suffer is brain injury, or even worse, traumatic brain injury (TBI), which is caused by a sharp hit to the head or penetration to the skull. Brain injury is not only a common consequence of motorcycle accidents; an annual 1.4 million patients will seek treatment for TBI, including surgical procedure, prescribed medication, and grief counseling. The consequences of brain injury can be physically damaging, emotionally lasting and can severely strain the patient financially. During such challenging times, a Florence Arizona brain injury attorney can help an injury victim fully recover from brain trauma suffered due to another person’s negligence.

If you or a loved one has suffered a brain injury, or suffered as the result of someone else’s negligence in a motorcycle accident, Husband and Wife Law Team, Mark and Alexis Breyer from Breyer Law Offices, P.C. have the knowledge to navigate your case through the Florence legal system so you can receive proper compensation for your losses. The Florence personal injury lawyers know your rights and will work diligently to obtain the positive results in a trial. Call Breyer Law Offices today at 520-624-4228 to receive a free, no obligation consultation of your case.

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