Mesa Premises Liability Slip and Fall Accident Attorneys

As a popular suburb of Phoenix, Mesa is situated in Maricopa County and has a history that dates back two thousand years to the Hohokam people’s arrival when they built the city’s original canal systems. Mesa has definitely progressed since then and is now the third-largest city in Arizona with an estimated population of 460,155 in 2006. With so many residents and visitors utilizing a large quantity of businesses and a wide range of properties, slip and fall accidents, as well as other incidents caused by unsafe or poorly managed premises, take place from time to time in Mesa.

Many people do not realize just how serious a slip and fall accident can be for an injured individual and their family. Depending on the age of an individual, the position in which they fall, and what they happen to fall onto, some common slip and fall injuries include lacerations, bruising, broken bones, sprains, ligament tears, concussions, spinal cord injury, or internal bruising. Although these injuries vary, they are all potentially capable of inflicting steep medical costs, loss of wages, pain and suffering, and other damages upon an injured person.

If a private property owner or public business fails to provide notice of probable danger on a premise, the owner of that property may be held legally responsible for their negligence if a slip and fall injury accident occurs. If you or a loved one has been injured in Mesa due to an unsafe premise, a skilled Mesa slip and fall accident attorney may be able to assist you in obtaining the compensation that you deserve.

At Breyer Law Offices, P.C., our Husband and Wife Law Team has dedicated several years to helping those afflicted by another person or entity’s negligence. Mark and Alexis Breyer have the legal resources and knowledge to handle a wide range of premises liability and slip and fall accident cases. Contact Breyer Law today for a free, no-obligation consultation of your potential injury claim by calling 480-753-4534 or visit for more helpful information.

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