Phoenix Bus Accident Injury lawyer and certified specialist discusses recent tragedy

As has been reported by the AP, a bus coming from Mexico to LA was involved in a horrific crash in Sacaton, AZ. Families of those who were tragically killed and those who suffered serious injuries undoubtedly are overwhelmed with concerns and issues most could not begin to imagine. At Breyer Law Offices, our hearts go out to the families of all involved. We know that no words can begin to express the sorrow that is being felt. We also know that, before long, there will be people associated with the bus company that may look to take advantage of families during this terrible time, trying to cut off their rights to recover. In fact, it is likely that there were lawyers and paid experts at the site of the crash for the bus company within hours, maybe even before the police had finished their investigation.

What is a family to do when faced with such a concerted effort to “change history” for the purpose of minimizing legal liability? We strongly encourage anybody who knows someone involved to reject any phone calls or contact with any representative of the busing company. As soon as there is someone in the family who can take the lead emotionally, we strongly encourage anybody involved to contact a certified specialist in personal injury and wrongful death litigation, so that the bus company – and any person responsible for this regrettable tragedy – is held responsible.

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