I Have Received a Subpoena after a Car Accident I Did Not Cause: What Should I Do?

In helping people who have suffered serious injury as the result of the negligent driving of others, it is not uncommon for the person who caused the accident to contest the traffic citation or ticket that they received. When they contest the ticket and push it all the way to a “trial” on that traffic ticket, the person who is injured will often receive a subpoena. Under the subpoena, they are required to appear at court. This causes a great deal of concern to many people.

First, understand that you are subpoenaed to be a witness, you are not “on trial.” Instead, although you were the one who suffered the serious injuries, you are also a witness to what occurred. Therefore, an experienced Phoenix personal injury attorney knows that it is very common that you would be asked to provide that information in order to ensure that the citation or traffic ticket against the person who caused the accident is upheld.

Second, your failure to show up at this hearing will never be of benefit to you down the road. It may look as though you are trying to avoid answering questions about the accident. Remember, it is likely only going to a traffic hearing because the other person denied responsibility. Therefore, whatever help you can give to help make that traffic citation “stick” may later help prove your case, in any event. Third, it is a very good idea to sit down with a personal injury lawyer in Arizona before you move forward on that subpoena. Make sure your bases are covered. Make sure you understand the type of hearing you are going through. Perhaps, it may be helpful to discuss what may take place and the questions that you may be asked.

If you have received a subpoena for a traffic court hearing, please do not hesitate to contact us at Breyer Law Offices, P.C. We will be happy to try to explain the process to you so that you know how to handle your situation. Although we do not handle traffic tickets in our office, we do help many people who have suffered very serious injuries as a result of car accidents, and therefore this is an issue that we see on a regular basis.

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