Should I Hire a Maricopa County Drowning Accident Attorney?

In Maricopa County and throughout the State of Arizona, the most common kind of drowning accident involves children in neighborhood swimming pools. In many of these cases, the tragedy was caused by a lack of proper security measures or supervision. At public pools, drowning accidents can occur when there is no lifeguard or an ill-trained lifeguard on duty. We also see drownings happen on our waterways in boating accidents. Either there was drinking or unwise behavior involved, or no life vests on the boat. What’s most unfortunate about these drowning accidents is that they are wholly preventable.

When these accidents do occur, the victim’s family may have the right to file a wrongful death claim against the negligent party. Just because that right exists, though, does not mean that it is the best decision for every family. The best advice we can give to families in the midst of such a situation is to consult with a wrongful death lawyer in Maricopa County who has experience with drowning accidents.

An experienced attorney will know if there is a valid claim and will be able to inform the family about their options moving forward. It’s then up to the family to decide what they want to do – but at least that decision will be well informed.

If you have a loved one who was killed in a drowning accident, please contact Breyer Law Offices. As experienced drowning accident attorneys in Maricopa County, we can give you the information and advice you need so you can make the best decision for you and your family.

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