Surprise Motorcycle Accident and Brain Injury Attorneys

The rapidly growing city of Surprise, Arizona, is approximately populated by 90,717 people as reported by a 2007 census; almost triple the count since the 2000 census. In December 2008, Surprise showed further signs of development when the Demographic and Permit statistics department took a count and found a new population of 109,672. Surprise, located in Maricopa County, also has a significant population of senior citizens, who live in an age-specific retirement community called Sun City Grand. The community is an offset of another large market of homebuilders and homebuyers who are attracted to Surprise’s fairly-priced homes and the city’s accessibility to state capital Phoenix. With many residents and a consistently growing population, it is no shock that Surprise experiences its share of personal injury on the local roads and major highways including instances of motorcycle accidents, which can lead to brain injury.

An estimated 85% of all traffic deaths in the United States will be attributed to a motorcycle accident. Many of those fatalities are preventable with proper precautions, such the use of a helmet. The sad fact is only half of the nation enforces a helmet law, despite that a helmet can protect bikers from fatal head injury. However, a helmet will not completely shield riders from disaster, and the remaining 50,000 who suffer annually from serious motorcycle injuries may have been harmed by another person’s negligence or distracted driving habits. Drivers who are not focused, or even intoxicated, can cause severe injuries at no blame of the motorcyclist. Severe injuries can involve intense physical discomfort, emotional misery, and at worst, a critical injury to the brain.

Traumatic brain injury, or TBI, is the repercussion of a heavy hit to a person’s head or a penetrating blow to the skull. TBI can happen in the aftermath of a motorcycle collision, or any accident that disrupts the natural activity of the brain. An annual approximation of 1.4 million people will suffer from TBI. Although a variety of accidents can trigger dysfunction in the brain, a motorcycle accident in Surprise can significantly increase the chances of traumatic brain injury. If you have been personally injured in a motorcycle accident, or were the victim of brain trauma, a skilled Surprise brain injury attorney is available to assist you in receiving compensation for your losses.

Mark and Alexis Breyer, Husband and Wife pair at Breyer Law Offices, P.C., know how painful a motorcycle injury or brain accident can be for a person and their loved one. The dedicated attorneys have worked diligently with accident victims for years, and have helped the injured recover their physical, financial and emotional expenses in Surprise city trials. Distracted and intoxicated drivers do not have to get away with their negligence, and a motorcycle accident attorney can defend your rights. For a free consultation of your situation, call Breyer Law Offices at 623-930-8064.

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