Types of Evidence I Need to Give to the Insurance Company after an Auto Accident: Part One

Many people understand that they need to have sufficient evidence in order to have a chance to receive fair compensation for their serious Scottsdale, Arizona personal injury claim. Some people believe that the insurance company will deal with them fairly as long as they provide certain evidence. Well, on the one hand that is true. At least it is true that you can count on the fact that if you have not collected all of the evidence you need to prove your claim, the insurance company is very unlikely to deal “fairly” with your case. It is probably then a leap of faith to believe that even if you have secured all of the necessary evidence that you can count on the insurance company to deal fairly with you in every case.

Insurance companies are for-profit businesses. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this. We expect companies to work towards making a profit. People who buy stock in the insurance companies expect those companies to do everything that they can in order to make that profit. However, the profit the insurance companies make far too often come at the expense of people who have suffered very serious personal injury cases and who will never return to the life that they had. Far too often, people who have lost loved ones in an accident that was caused by somebody else do not receive a fair settlement offer because the insurance company is hoping that they can increase their profit margins.

It is for this reason that the collection of evidence can be so vital. Many people are extremely uncomfortable with taking photographs of an accident scene. However, it is important to make sure that anything that can be photographed is photographed in order to preserve the evidence. Please refer to our next blog post for Part Two of this topic and to learn more about what kinds of evidence you can gather to help bolster any potential injury claim you may make.

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