What Should I Do after a Car Accident in Arizona?

Several Arizona car accident personal injury lawyers are familiar with how many people do not know what to do after a serious car accident claim. The reality is, most people who are seriously hurt are not in a position to try to do much that can help their case other than knowing not to talk to anybody from the other insurance company and to focus on getting better. However, many times there are family members who would like to be of help. They need guidance in terms of what to do. There are some general first steps that can be taken.

First, take pictures. Take many pictures – when you think you have taken enough pictures, take more. Pictures of what? Anything that could later be disputed. Pictures of the car. Pictures of the roadway. Pictures of anything near the area where the accident occurred. Pictures of any injuries suffered. Pictures of the hospital room. The reality is that you never know what will be contested down the line. Many, many things that seem obvious at the time of any injury are later contested by the other insurance company or defendant. Therefore, every single digital photograph that you can take is worth taking to help the person who suffered an injury.

Undoubtedly, it is uncomfortable to take pictures of somebody while they are in the hospital or after they have suffered a serious injury. I do not deny the fact that it is a sad state of events when someone has to be photographed to prove the injuries they suffered. However, this is not something that was created by plaintiffs, but by the insurance companies that refuse to pay on even the most obvious claims. Therefore, pictures of somebody in the hospital, the hospital environment, pictures of the injuries they suffered (from the most serious injuries right down to the bruises) can all be important.

It is also a very good idea to follow the doctors’ advice that is given and to help a family member make sure they make all appointments. Taking these steps will greatly reduce the likelihood of a long, drawn out battle over things that could have been proved with a simple photograph or a simple follow up appointment to the doctor. Getting it “documented” can be very helpful to the person who has suffered a serious personal injury.

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