After a Phoenix Car Crash: Should I Give a Recorded Statement to the Negligent Person’s Insurance Company?

To put it simply: NO! In many cases, the insurance company will claim the statement is required. However, under Arizona law, this is not true when you’re dealing with the insurance company for the negligent party.

Instead, pressuring the victim into making a statement is simply a tactic used by insurance companies so they can later twist words and try to deny or reduce the amount of a claim.

As Phoenix car accident injury attorneys, we’ve heard so many people say they are just going to tell the truth to the insurance company. Well, we hope so. They are required by law to tell the truth. However, it’s not the accuracy of the victim’s statement we’re worried about.

It’s the intentions of the insurance company that has us concerned. If they are so concerned about what happened during the accident, why not just have the victim put it in writing or tell them to have a lawyer present?

The reason is that with a recorded statement, the insurance company is much more likely to be able to twist words, whereas if the statement is in writing, the victim won’t say anything off the top of their head.

If you’re being pressured by the negligent party’s insurance company to give a recorded statement, it’s time to consult with a personal injury attorney. At Breyer Law Offices, we are just a phone call away and can give you the honest advice and guidance you need to achieve the fairest possible results for your personal injury case.

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