An Attorney Experienced in Going through Medical Records is Critical to Your Tucson Personal Injury Case

When a bad car accident happens in Tucson, or anywhere else in Arizona, documentation of the injuries begins right at the scene of the accident by first responders. Whether the injured victim is transported via ambulance or helicopter, documentation of injuries continues by the EMTs. Upon arriving at the hospital, further notes are taken by the medical staff documenting the person’s injuries. So within 45 minutes of a car accident in Tucson, there are usually at least three sets of notes describing the injuries – all of which end up in the victim’s medical records.

The medical records continue to grow, as the victim is treated for their injuries. Medical staff do their best to properly document injuries, however these records are oftentimes inaccurate due to time limitations, communication issues, and a host of other factors. Overcoming such errors can be difficult when considering the faith people put in medical charts.

That’s why it’s so important to hire a Tucson personal injury attorney with experience reviewing medical records – one who can hire an expert doctor or nurse to review the records and look for inconsistencies.

If you’ve been injured in an accident and have questions about your medical records, please contact Breyer Law Offices. We are happy to offer honest insight regarding your records and educate you about all of your legal options.

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