Be Sure to Document Your Medical Treatment for Your Mesa Personal Injury Case

Many people injured in Mesa car accidents make the mistake of not following up with their doctor when they need additional treatment or when they are in pain. They simply think they will get better. We hope so – but in many cases, they don’t, which is why it’s important to have all the injuries and pain and suffering documented for a Mesa personal injury case. Otherwise, the defendant can later claim the victim wasn’t actually suffering the injuries and pain they did in fact suffer from.

What’s worse is when injuries are more severe than they seem to be at first. For example, someone may experience some shoulder pain following an accident and not think it’s a big deal. They may wait to see a doctor, until they’re in excruciating pain. When they do see the doctor, they find out they have a torn rotator cuff and require surgery. The defendant will then try to claim that the injury wasn’t caused by the accident since the victim waited so long to seek treatment.

If you are in a similar circumstance, you must seek medical treatment immediately in order to document your injuries. If the defendant is trying to deny your claim, please call us at Breyer Law Offices, P.C. We can discuss your options for proving your injuries were caused by the accident and help you win the compensation you deserve. It is important to us that injury victims receive honest information regarding their legal rights and options. Contact our skilled Mesa personal injury attorneys today.

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