Employer Liability in Tucson Texting Car Accidents On the Job

Vicarious liability is a law in Arizona that deals with employers, employees and driving. It means that if an employee causes a car accident during the “course and scope” of their work, then the company they work for can also be held liable for the accident. Typically, when someone runs a red light or doesn’t stop at a stop sign, then they are solely responsible. But again, when they are working and cause an accident while on the road, then the employer is responsible, as well.

As car accident attorneys in Tucson, many cases involving devastating injuries have come across our desk over the years. These kinds of cases are bad enough when they are caused by a mistake. But when they are caused by something so avoidable as texting while driving, it seems much worse.

Therefore, if you’re an employer in the State of Arizona and your company requires employees to drive, then you should absolutely consider creating a “no texting while driving” policy. Hopefully the fear of being fired will deter employees from texting and driving.

If you’ve been injured in an accident caused by someone who was texting, please contact us. We can answer your questions and explain your rights against the driver, their employer, and any other entity that may have contributed to your accident.

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