Getting Medical Treatment Immediately is Important for your Peoria Personal Injury Case

As personal injury lawyers in Peoria, we see many injured victims make the mistake of not going to the doctor when they need more treatment or are in pain. Many times, they think the injury is not a big deal and that the pain will go away. We certainly hope so, but this isn’t always the case. But if the pain gets worse and the injury turns out to actually be more severe, then the victim just made a huge mistake by not seeking treatment.

For example, someone may experience minor back pain following an auto accident. They may simply think it’s not a big deal and it will go away on its own. Then it gets to the point where the pain is excruciating, so they finally see a doctor. The doctor diagnoses them with a cracked vertebrae and says they need surgery. In most cases, the defendant will use this delay in treatment to claim that the victim’s injuries weren’t caused by the accident, but by some other event that happened after the accident.

If you’ve been injured in an accident in Peoria, or anywhere else in Arizona, please seek medical care immediately, whether you think your injuries are severe or not. If you waited to get care, and the defendant is trying to deny your claim, please contact the Arizona injury attorneys at Breyer Law Offices. We can answer your questions and discuss how to go about proving your injuries so you can win the compensation you deserve.

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