Motorist Liability in Phoenix Pedestrian Accidents

When a pedestrian is involved in any car accident, serious injury or even death can often result. Even a slow moving vehicle can seriously injure someone who is walking. As pedestrians are unprotected by the body of a car and have no seatbelt to keep them from being thrown, the likelihood that someone hit by a car while walking will be seriously injured is very high. Motorized vehicles weigh many thousands of pounds and exert an extraordinary amount of force when they impact someone who is walking.

Possibly the most common type of accident involving pedestrians that we come across as Phoenix injury lawyers happens when a car or other vehicle turns right. This usually happens when the vehicle turns right into a private driveway or at an intersection. Too many drivers often fail to look right to avoid hitting pedestrians, though many will look to their left to make sure that there are no oncoming vehicles.

It is interesting albeit rather sad that nearly all of these drivers, instead admitting they failed to look where they were going, instead try to assert that the pedestrian caused the accident. The defense will say that the pedestrian walked in front of the vehicle, that the pedestrian was inattentive, or that the pedestrian appeared from out of nowhere. These are a few of the most common defenses negligent drivers use after hitting someone who was walking.

Even if you are unsure about whether pursuing a claim will be in your best interests and that of your family, our Arizona pedestrian accident attorneys will help give you the answers you need to make an informed decision about the best way for you to proceed in your situation. We are very proud at Breyer Law Offices to have been privileged to provide assistance to many pedestrians who were injured in car accidents.

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