My Loved One Has Been Injured in an Auto Accident, What Can I Do to Help?

As auto accident attorneys in Phoenix, we’ve seen many personal injury cases where the victim’s family didn’t know what to do after their loved one was seriously injured. The victim should focus on getting better. However, there are steps that a family can take to preserve evidence and help strengthen a potential personal injury case.

First, take lots of pictures. When you think you’ve taken enough pictures, take more. Take pictures of anything that could be later disputed by the defendant, such as the car, where the accident took place, anything near the accident, skid marks, the hospital rooms, and the injuries sustained. Every single photograph counts because the defendant and the insurance company will try to dispute the claim.

Another helpful thing you can do is to ensure your loved one is following doctor’s orders. Make sure they take their medicine and make it to their appointments. Taking this step will help to reduce the likelihood of a long legal battle over an issue that could have been proven by a single notation on a medical chart.

If your loved one has been injured in an auto accident in Arizona and you’re looking for help, please contact Breyer Law Offices. We’re just a phone call away and can give you the information you need to ensure your loved one’s injury claim is properly documented.

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