Toss the Crystal Ball – Phoenix Accident Attorney Addresses Decision to Settle a Case

It is not impossible to predict the outcome of a personal injury case with at least some degree of accuracy. Experienced Phoenix accident lawyers will have a good idea what a jury may do in certain circumstances. That is good enough reason to hire a veteran Arizona personal injury attorney. Hiring an attorney who has a background in the type of case in which you are involved is the next best thing to having a crystal ball. Anyone without a crystal ball who says with certainty what a jury will do in a specific case is being dishonest.

Juries in Arizona are made up of eight randomly selected people, and different juries will not always agree on a verdict. This is the way people are. Individual people think differently and, because of this, each jury will have a unique dynamic and sometimes come to dissimilar conclusions. For this reason, no one knows for certain what a jury might do, though an expert personal injury lawyer will usually be able to determine what type of verdict to expect, based on past experience and other verdicts by jurists in similar cases.

It is for this reason that as experienced Arizona injury attorneys, we do not try to determine what is fair in any specific personal injury claim, but rather try to determine what a jury is likely to do. Speaking to an honest and experienced lawyer about a personal injury claim will help those who have been seriously injured due to someone else’s negligence decide whether or not to pursue their claim.

An attorney with a background in personal injury law can help an injured person understand the myriad factors involved in any personal injury lawsuit, and in so doing help predict what a jury might do in their case. For example, something that may seem insignificant to the injured party or even to the person who caused the injury may actually be very important to a jury’s final decision.

That is why, when a person looks at whether or not to settle a case, the issue of fairness should not be considered. It is rather a person with knowledge and expertise in the area of personal injury law whose opinion should be most valued, for they are most likely to know about other verdicts in personal injury suits, and are thus most likely to know how a jury will decide any case. A good Arizona injury attorney will help an injured party decide whether it is best for a person to settle their case, or whether the odds favor going to trial. It is only by comparing the details of a person’s personal injury claim to other verdicts by juries on similar cases that can help an injured party decide what the case is truly worth. It is for this reason that we recommend to everyone who has been injured due to the negligence of another that they consult with an honest and experienced personal injury lawyer.

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