Phoenix Car Accident Victims – What to Do if You’ve Been Subpoenaed by the Defendant in Your Case

In many personal injury cases, the defendant will try to dispute the traffic citation they received as a result of the accident. You may then be subpoenaed to appear in traffic court. When most people receive a subpoena, they are automatically worried. But they really shouldn’t be. A subpoena simply means that you, as the injured victim, are required to appear in court and tell your side of the story.

Even though as the Phoenix car accident victim you were the one to suffer injuries in the accident, you are also a witness to the accident. Therefore, it is very typical that you would be asked to appear in court and provide information pertaining to the accident.

Thinking about skipping the court appearance? Don’t! Failure to show up at such a hearing will negatively impact your auto accident case down the road. It will look like you were trying to avoid answering questions about the accident. But whatever information you’re able to provide to the court to help make the traffic citation stick is only going to help you auto accident case later on.

Before you move forward on a subpoena, it’s a good idea to consult with experienced Phoenix car accident attorneys to make sure your bases are covered. It’s always helpful to talk about what will take place during the hearing and to discuss the questions you could be asked.

If you’ve been injured in a Phoenix auto accident and you received a subpoena to appear in traffic court, please contact Breyer Law Offices. We’re happy to answer any questions you have and explain the process to you.

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