Preventing Arizona Injury Accidents at Construction Sites

One of the most dangerous places to work is at a construction job site, and one of the most common injury accidents in Arizona to occur on a construction site is falling. One third of construction accident deaths are attributed to falls. For this reason, knowing about your rights when it comes to injuries and deaths related to falls on construction sites is important for anyone affected by these accidents.

There are a number of factors that cause falls at a construction site. As the average construction site is so often full of debris and uneven surfaces, and frequently will include multiple levels of scaffolding or other structures, it is no wonder that falls are so common on construction sites. Uncovered holes or wall openings can create falling hazards, as can unprotected ledges or sides of buildings. Ladders that are not set up properly or that are not well maintained can lead to a slip and fall. Poorly built or maintained scaffolding may lack protection necessary to keep workers safe. Exposed material such as concrete, rebar, electrical wires, or other materials can pose additional hazards and cause greater injury to a worker who falls at a construction site. Even if a worker does not fall, a falling object can be dangerous to a worker and can cause serious injuries.

Falls can often be fatal for construction workers. Yet even if a worker does not die, there is still a real chance of permanent disability from a fall at a construction site. Some injuries that result from falls on construction sites include:

  • Paralysis
  • Nerve damage
  • traumatic brain injury
  • Amputation
  • Broken bones
  • Minor injuries (bruises and scrapes)

Whether an injury is serious or slight, the contractor or employer has an obligation to provide a safe work environment as per OSHA’s regulations. Failing to do so can cause injuries to construction workers at a job site, and it may very well expose a negligent employer or contractor to a civil lawsuit for damages related to a fall at an unsafe construction site.

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