What Role Do Witnesses Play in Scottsdale Personal Injury Cases?

In personal injury cases in Scottsdale, and throughout the U.S., witnesses play a very important role. They provide the most credible testimony about what happened at an accident. But a witness can truly make or break the case. For example, a case could be lost because the personal injury victim and their lawyer cannot get a hold of a witness or the witness isn’t willing to testify. On the flip side, a personal injury case can be just as easily won by a witness who gives strong and credible testimony in favor of the plaintiff.

Besides witnesses to the accident, there are also other kinds of witnesses. For example, there are witnesses who can testify to the impacts the injuries have had on the victim’s life. While the injured person will testify as to the impact of the injuries on their own life, they are a biased source. So testimony coming from someone other than victim that verifies the victim’s claims can be very compelling.

If you’ve been injured in a Scottsdale car accident and have questions about witnesses, please contact a skilled Scottsdale auto accident injury lawyers who will evaluate your claim, answer your questions, and give you an honest assessment of all your legal options.

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