How Can I Find an Attorney for a Car Accident Case that Involves ARS 28-701(A)?

When a serious accident occurs and a police officer responds and thinks that somebody should have been able to halt their car to avoid the accident, the driver the officer believes is responsible will often be cited with ARS 28-701(A). This simply means that the driver failed to control the speed of the car to avoid a car accident – and it is a common citation in severe personal injury cases in Arizona.

But it is important to remember that just because a police officer issued a citation, doesn’t mean that all questions will end regarding who was at fault and how serious the accident was. First of all, the police citation does not say which person was at fault. Rather, it states who violated the specific law and statute. In addition, the officer’s determination is not final. Only a judge and jury’s determination is final when it comes to figuring out fault for an Arizona accident.

As Phoenix injury attorneys, we get a lot of calls from people not cited in an accident who can’t understand why an insurance company is refusing to accept responsibility for the accident. The reason for this is that the insurance company is not required by Arizona law to follow the citation. In these cases, it’s important to hire a personal injury attorney to get the insurance company to accept the responsibility.

If you’ve been badly injured in an Arizona car accident and don’t know where to turn, please feel free to call the Breyer Law Offices. Our Phoenix car accident lawyers can review your claim and give you an honest assessment of where we think you stand. You can always depend on us for honest, upfront answers.

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