Do I Need a Phoenix Pedestrian Accident Attorney or a Car Collision Lawyer?

When someone gets hit while crossing the street or when they are walking along the side of the road, the injured person often has no idea what type of lawyer to hire. Should the person hire a car accident lawyer or a pedestrian accident attorney? The reality of the situation requires the injured party hiring the best Arizona accident injury lawyer that he or she can find. Nearly every top attorney knows extensively about helping both pedestrians and those riding or driving in cars.

A number of people ask us if there are differences between aiding people who were hurt while in a vehicle as opposed to those who were walking. There are quite a few differences, as many laws that apply to pedestrians do not apply to vehicles. Further, there is also a bias among jurors against pedestrians. This bias may even filter down to the police officer investigating the accident. This usually is not intentional, but as experienced personal injury lawyers that deal with a wide variety of cases, we often see this predisposition to put the blame on the pedestrian, even in cases where the facts show that more of the blame is due to the driver of the vehicle involved.

Some of the best Phoenix personal injury attorneys will answer your questions honestly, without only trying to sell their services. For information about a pedestrian accident involving a vehicle or another personal injury claim, please contact us. We have ample experience working with all sorts of personal injury claims in Tucson, Phoenix, and other communities throughout Arizona. Regardless whether you feel your questions would be difficult to answer, please contact us. We can offer advice and information that will help you make the best decision for your family on how to proceed with your claim, whether to hire a lawyer, and if a lawyer is needed who the best one would be to handle your particular personal injury claim.

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