Phoenix Injury Attorneys Representing Victims of Left Turn Accidents at Intersections

Most people don’t know that there is an entire law that governs drivers turning left at an intersection – it called ARS 28 772. The reason for the law is that so many victims of car accidents were injured when the negligent party was making a left turn. These cases can get complicated, so it’s important to hire an Phoenix injury lawyer who has experience with left turn car accidents.

When these accidents happen, many times, the individual making the left turn will be found responsible for the accident by the police officer responding to the scene. But the question regarding who was at fault doesn’t end there. Under the personal injury laws in Arizona, the fault can be divided up among multiple parties, so both drivers may be found partially at fault.

In addition, the police officer’s citation isn’t admissible as evidence. So, as a result, just because someone was given a ticket doesn’t necessarily mean that their insurance company will be responsible for fully compensating the injured victim. The opposite holds true as well. If the officer gave the injured person a ticket, that doesn’t mean there isn’t a personal injury claim to be pursued.

To determine whether or not someone has the right to file a personal injury claim, consulting with an attorney is usually necessary. At Breyer Law Offices, we have experience dealing with personal injury cases involving left turn accidents. If you have any questions, or are wondering whether you have a valid personal injury claim, please contact us. We can help.

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