Who is Liable for Injuries or Wrongful Death in Arizona Construction Accident Cases?

The construction industry has the highest worker injury and fatality rates of any industrial sector in the United States although construction workers only make up a small percentage of the American workforce. The most common causes of fatal construction accidents in Arizona and elsewhere in the nation include unsafe equipment, defective or malfunctioning equipment, lack of proper training, not following safety procedures and negligence on the part of the employer or other parties involved in the construction project. Electrocution, scaffold collapse, trench collapse, burns or falling objects are also common causes of construction site accidents.

So, who is actually responsible when a worker is injured or killed in a construction accident? Under federal law, the prime contractor in charge of the project is always responsible for job safety on the entire site and for compliance with regulations and safety standards imposed by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). The main contractors are the ones who dictate work schedule, provide and help maintain equipment that is used at the work site. If the prime contractor delegates work to a sub-contractor, he or she is also responsible for job safety and following guidelines and safety standards.

When a worker is injured or killed, state workers’ compensation benefits cover lost wages and medical expenses associated with the injuries or deaths at the construction site. However, if the accident, for instance, was caused by a defective tool or piece of equipment, then a product liability lawsuit could be filed against the manufacturer of that faulty product that caused the injury or death. Workers are entitled to workers’ compensation costs in connection with both short-term and long-term injuries as well as catastrophic injuries such as loss of limbs. They could also receive compensation to cover vocational training and physical therapy.

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