Goodyear Premises Liability and Slip and Fall Accident Lawyers

Goodyear, Arizona is most widely known for being founded by Tire & Rubber Company creator Paul Litchfield in 1917. Goodyear spans 116.5 square miles and has become a prominent city in Arizona with an estimated growth rate of 16% and has an approximate population of 59,508. A Citizen Satisfaction Survey revealed that about 96% of Goodyear inhabitants believe that the city is a safe place to reside. However, due to residents and visitors utilizing various businesses and properties, slip and fall accidents in Goodyear, in addition to other kinds of accidents caused by unsafe premises, take place.

Some common trip and fall or slip and fall accident injuries in Goodyear include broken bones, torn ligaments, concussion, spinal cord injury, and internal bruising or bleeding. These types of injuries may contribute to hefty hospital bills, pain and suffering, loss of past and future wages, and other damages. The physical, emotional, and financial consequences of a Goodyear slip and fall accident often depend on a person’s age; the position in which an individual falls; and the object(s) that a person falls onto.

When businesses or private property owners are negligent and fail to accurately warn of potential risks within a premises, injured individuals may be able to obtain compensation for injuries caused by slip and fall accidents. If you or a loved one have been injured in Goodyear due to a dangerous premise, a skilled Goodyear slip and fall accident attorney can assist you in holding negligent parties legally responsible for the accident and your subsequent injuries.

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