Statutes of Limitations Impact Dog Bite Victims in Scottsdale and throughout Arizona

As Scottsdale dog bite lawyers representing victims in Scottsdale and throughout Arizona, we see many cases where individuals lose their rights because they didn’t file a claim quickly enough. Most people don’t realize that there are statutes of limitations that govern dog bite cases and if a claim is not filed within the set time period, then the right to file a claim at all is lost. As a result of the statute of limitations, it’s important to ensure a claim is properly investigated as soon as possible.

There are two different kinds of statutes of limitations that impact Arizona dog bite cases. First, there is a two-year statute that allows a personal injury claim to be brought within two years following the dog bite. Even though the law allows for someone to file a claim due to a dog bite within two years, it is much more beneficial to the victim to file a claim within one year. Why? Because more rights are afforded to the victim if the claim is filed within one year following the attack.

Another complicating factor is when a claim involves a child. In these situations, the statutes of limitations are different than if the claim involves an adult.

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