Red Light Radar Cameras Losing Popularity in Arizona and Nationwide

As Arizona car accident attorneys, we understand that anyone who has ever sped through an intersection only to receive a ticket in the mail a couple of weeks later probably has a dislike toward red-light radar cameras. According to a article, the cameras, which were originally designed to deter hazardous driving and prevent accidents at particularly troublesome intersections across the country, may be headed south. The cameras snap a photograph of the vehicle and the license plate as it drives through a red light signal.

Due to the rough economy, the cameras, which are in place in 450 counties nationwide, may see a decline in use. Arizona was one of the biggest proponents of the system when it came out. But now, with increased pressure from activists and the state of the economy, Governor Jan Brewer allowed the two year contract that kept the cameras active to lapse, putting an end to the Arizona red-light radar camera program.

While the use of red-light radar cameras may be a financial thorn in the sides of many motorists, the original reason for the cameras was as a preventative measure. Drivers who speed up to make the yellow light or run red lights altogether increase the chances of an intersection accident. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), there were 2.3 million intersection related accidents in 2008, which resulted in 7,770 fatalities and over 733,000 injuries. Approximately 165,000 people are injured annually due to drivers who run red lights.

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