Exposed Battery in Popular Toy Poses Serious Internal Injury Threat

More and more children’s toys have technology embedded in them. They can light up, make music, and provide hours of entertainment. Sometimes these toys, while effectively keeping the children busy, can be very dangerous. Oftentimes there are many recalls of toys for risks of injury. As parents ourselves and product liability attorneys in Arizona, we advise to check recalls often not only for children’s toys, but any consumer product that may be in use in your home. The best way to prevent injury is to remove the product from use.

Chuck-E-Cheese is a popular family destination for children to play arcade games and win prizes. The prizes aren’t much to adults but to children, they are trophies. Unfortunately, some of the prizes have manufacturing flaws that can cause injury to your child.

Recently, Chuck-E-Cheese recalled 1.2 million toys of two varieties, star light-up glasses and a light-up ring (CBC News 9/15/10). If broken apart, which happens often with children’s toys, a small battery is exposed. The battery is small enough for a child to swallow or put up their nose. If the battery enters the body, it could cause internal damage to the stomach, esophagus, or intestines. Two reports of children ingesting the battery have come in.

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